Eva’s Shitake Parnip and Yam Fettucine
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Eva’s Shitake Parnip and Yam Fettucine

Serves 4-6

~ Use organic ingredients whenever possible

Note: For wheat free gluten free choice I use the organic tinkyada brown rice fettuccine. A beautiful choice that holds up well, doesn’t get mushy and does not impart a rice flavor.

2-cup shitake mushrooms – fresh or frozen

½ small-medium size leek

3 cups of your favorite simple red sauce

Cup or more of shredded parmesan cheese

1 cup lightly packed cup shredded yams

½ cup lightly packed shredded parsnips

Generous amount chopped fresh basil

Smidge of dried basil for sauce

Fettuccine noodles

The key to this dish is the flavor of the shitake mushrooms that have been sautéed until almost dry and also the unique flavor that the parsnips and leeks add to the mix. The sauce is not meant to smother the pasta and should be slightly dry and then tossed with the sauce, grated Parmesan and freshly cut basil and a little olive oil.

Sauté (best in iron pan) shitake mushrooms in olive oil on medium/high until dry (very important). Mushrooms have lots of liquid so pour off during sauté. Save a bit to add to your red sauce. Remove mushrooms from skillet when golden brown and dry. Set aside.

In same pan sauté leeks on low heat until clear and remove from skillet when finished. Set aside. Add shredded Yams and parsnips with more olive oil (they soak up a lot of the oil) and sauté for approx 5 minutes on medium high. Then add back mushrooms and leeks. Blend ingredients together and add the red sauce bring to a simmer. Cook for approx 5 -7 minutes. Turn heat down.

Cook fettuccine and place in a serving low wide serving dish with sauce on top Garnish with lots of fresh finely cut basil and Parmesan. Toss and serve.


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August 26, 2022

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